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Increased online patient involvement can result
in a 90% satisfaction
rate for both patients
and physicians.


(Engaging the ePatient, 2017)

GBS' wide array of Healthcare products and services can help you keep pace with today's modern world—and our Patient Engagement solutions are leading the way!

Did You Know...

GBS has a team of Patient Engagement experts providing the best solutions to meet your needs.

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    GBS' Patient Engagement experts can help you define a strategy that will
    best work with your organization.

       *Engaging the ePatient. (2017). [ebook] HIMSS. Available at: http://www.himssasiapac.org/sites/default/files/HIMSSAP_ExclusiveArticles_EngagingtheePatient.pdf [Accessed 15 Jan. 2019].

Improved Patient Care

Improve your patient care by defining a Patient Engagement Strategy. Lower your total costs by directly involving patients in the management of their Healthcare options.

Rely on Our Healthcare Solutions
Patient Engagement is centered on the belief that mutually beneficial partnerships between patients and providers lead to:

  • Better sharing of information on patient symptoms, conditions and treatment options
  • Improved patient acceptance of and adherence to agreed-upon treatment plans
  • Greater patient willingness to participate in preventative care activities
  • Increased patient satisfaction with their providers and overall Healthcare experience

GBS understands that everyone involved in Patient Engagement benefits from a well-defined strategy:
  • Patient
  • Provider
  • Industry